Warranty & Testing

H2O Vinyl Deck membranes come with a 10-year limited warranty and meet the requirements of the CAN/CGSB 37.54-95

H2O Vinyl Deck Warranty

H2O Vinyl Deck Ltd. guarantees to provide replacement material for any portion of the H2O VinylDeck decking membrane which leaks as a result of a manufacturing defect in the product within (10) ten years from the date of its purchase.

Product Testing

H2O Vinyl Deck was evaluated by Quality Auditing Institute Ltd. (QAI) to ensure our membranes meet the current building code requirements of Can/CGSB 37.54-95.

“H2O VinylDeck Aqua 60 and Terra 60 products are polyvinyl chloride membranes with a 1.5mm (60mil) nominal thickness and non-woven random polyester backing. The surface is embossed to provide a textured finish. The product is manufactured in standard roll sizes of 72 inches wide by 75 feet long.

The product is intended to be used as a waterproof membrane that is fully adhered to a continuous solid substrate, such as plywood or concrete decks and balconies that are subject to light pedestrian traffic. The membrane is intended to be fully adhered to the substrate with H2O VinylDeck adhesives applied per published installation instructions.

The H2O VinylDeck Aqua 60 and Terra 60 products are considered compliant with CAN/CGSB 37.54-95 as a Type 3, Class B membrane.”