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A Superior Method of Protecting Surfaces - Ground level patio, an Elevated deck or even a Roof deck.

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H2O VinylDeck Vinyl Membrane

Whether you are building a new 2nd floor balcony or renovating an existing deck or patio, H2O VinylDeck brings you an affordable and functional waterproofing solution to keep everything dry underneath and attractive on the surface.

Our single-ply PVC membrane system provides your project with a superior method of protecting surfaces that are subject to movement due to temperature fluctuations and other external environmental influences. Whether your project requires waterproofing for a ground level patio, an elevated deck or even a roof deck, H2O VinylDeck is a solution you can rely on at a competitive price.

The roofing and waterproofing features of H2O VinylDeck membranes are backed up by third-party testing to ensure our single-ply sheet vinyl provides you with a reliable method of protecting your outdoor surfaces, while at the same time providing an attractive finish.

Applied with a reliable adhesive and heat-welding system, you have all the security you need to ensure your balconies and patios are protected from elemental factors that can affect your outdoor surface structures.

Vinyl Membrane Features:

– Vinyl Thickness: 60 mil
– Width: 72 inch
– Roll Size: 25 yards
– Backing: non-woven polyester
Warranty: 10-year limited
Building Code: meets the requirements of Can/CGSB 37.54-95




– Type: H-7031 Brush Grade Contact Cement
– Size: 5 U.S. Gallons (18.927 litres)
– Coverage: up to 500 square feet per pail


– Type: QW Water Based Adhesive
– Size: 11.5 Litre Pail (3.038 gallons)
– Coverage: up to 550 square feet per pail



– Drip Flashing – 8 ft. and 10 ft. lengths
– PVC Coated Drip Flashing (available in black, beige, brown, gray, taupe or white) – 8 ft. lengths
– Inside Edge Flashing – 8 ft. and 10 ft. lengths
– L-Trim | 1.25” (available in black, beige, brown, taupe or white) – 10 ft. lengths
– Mini L-Trim | .75” (available in black, beige, brown, taupe or white) – 10 ft. lengths
– PVC Clip (available in black, beige, brown, taupe or white) – 10 ft. lengths